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Vegan/Vegetarian Walking Retreats in Sintra Natural Park, Portugal

Friday, 11 January 2013, WET

high tide at Adraga Beach

Sintra Natural Park Coastlinehigh tide at Adraga Beach

Hello Everyone!

As has been mentioned before, Portugal has seen a  growth in vegetarian/vegan restaurants and cafes.  And of course the wonderful mild and sunny climate is perfect for growing a vast vareity of fruits and vegetables.  Many farmers/gardeners sell at farmer´s markets found in every village, town and city.  There are also many organic famrer´s markets. is the site to find locations of vegetarian eateries in Portugal and around the planet.

There are also several hotels and guesthouses throughout  which welcome vegans/vegetarians. in Evora is a wonderful haven for vegetarians (and others)  in a beautiful medieval city.

Colina Flora is a lovely, small, “green” country  guesthouse peacefully located in the beautiful Sintra Natural Park run by vegetarians for vegans/vegetarians (peixavores and carnivores are also welcome!!).  Colina Flora is in the heart of the Sintra Natural Park and is an ideal place for R&R but also to walk the endless walking trails of the Park, which meander along the cliff tops overlooking the gorgeous white sandy beaches and dramatic coastline, leads into the magical forest, past pre-historic ruins, an abundance of rare flora and fauna, wonderous rock formations,  awesome historical sites, quaint villages.  The Sintra Natural Park with its 14000 plus HA is a walker´s/biker´s paradise.  Walking is possible year round due to the mild and sunny climate with little rainfall.

The staff at Colina Flora customizes walking retreats for  its guests.  Besides walking on self-guided and guided tours, there are the options of yoga, chi kung, massage, art and vegetarian cooking classes, stress management sessions, acupuncture, wine tours, surfing, snorkling, swimming, riding etc. etc.  etc.  

Contact for more information and for winter specials.  Come visit Portugal and stay a while!!