Bio + Sintra, Portugal

Hello Everyone!

 Due to a tremendous amount of work (can hardly believe that running a small, 4  room, country guesthouse involves 15 to 17 hour days, 7 days per week – this during High Season) with our rural guesthouse I have been MIA (missing in action…or rather missing sending our tidbits!)

Portugal already produces over 50% of its energy needs through renewable resources. And despite the lagging economy, the  Sintra Parks Committee manages to  continue with its special sustainable awareness orientation programs. A new initiative organized by the Parks of Sintra is called Bio+Sintra and involves reaching out to raise awareness through workshops, talking nature trails, photography contests and exhibits, encouraging attitudes to reduce the carbon footprint, suggesting sustainable travel, and carbon sequestration programmes.

The Sintra Natural Park, which  is a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural, Site has many unique features, beyond amazing Sintra´s historical sites, which this initiative is also highlighting.  Bio+Sintra promotes active participation in protecting this wonderful and unique environment.  Bio+Sintra provides information on  all aspects of protecting biodiversity, climate change, and the casual relationship between our daily life activities. It encourages the adoption of environmentally-friendly attitudes.

Special areas in need of protection: There is a relic Forsest with the last stronghold of native forest of the Serra de Sintra.  The Romantic Landscape gardens which include many rare botanical species date back to the 1800´s.  Amphibians, which are severely threatened on a global scale, thrive here but their habitat needs to be protected etc. etc check-out their website for more informaiton


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