Almoçageme, a Charming Quaint Village in the Sintra Natural Park, Portugal

One of the village square benches


 Hello Everyone,

Every Time I walk or drive into the quirky, quaint village of Almoçageme,  I delight in its unique qualities and am so grateful to be living here.  It was love at first sight for us and our adoration of the entire area grows the longer we are here.

The village and its surrounding picturesque hamlets have  a population of about 2000.  After two years of frequenting all the local places, folks nod , smile and greet us, even stop to  talk.  We feel at home!

There is a lovely village square where the village elders (men only) gather every morning and afternoon to chat and observe shoppers, walkers and the few tourists who have  also discovered this wonderful place.  (The guidebooks have not yet discovered Almoçageme, which is suprising, since it is only a 15 minute drive to Sintra.) These men always greet me in unison with a smile and often a tip of their caps.  The friendly fishmonger has a roofed,  display space with three tiled walls and table, where fresh fish are sold every morning.  The lady who sells roasted chickens  and chips is in the next booth with full view of the fountain, picknic tables and ancient winery building, always welcomes a chat.  There are 3 real “Mom and Pop” miniscule  grocery stores.   The Mercado Dias has a amazing assortment of organic grains, tofu and other vegetarian delights, besides it´s  selection of regular grocery store fare.  There are several lovely cafes and restaurants (an organic cafe and a vegan restaurant are part of the selection) , 2  butcher shops, two small  gift shops, hair and spa salon, fire deartment, the tiniest shoemaker and shoe shop, sewing supply shop, hardware store and an amazing interior design store and a lovely church.  The shops and eating places are  all family businesses.  The small hardware store will sell you a single nail, envelope or hair comb and the sewing shop, where a single sewing needle or safety pin  can still be acquired or a few inches/cm of  handmade lace or linen, carefully wraps purchases in  little bags made from colorful magazine pages.  And then there is the wonderful, talented ceramic sculptor, Faraujo, whose gallery/studio is located on the  road to Adraga Beach.  His lovely creations are  colorful, whimsical, unique.   Faraujo also offers ceramic sculpture workshops for all ages.  He and his wife, also an artist who paints the sculptures, extend a warm welcome to gallery visitors and workshop participants.


Almoçageme sits on the hill above  beautiful Adraga Beach isabout a twenty 20 walk or  3 minute drive from the village square. This wonderful beach has amazing sunsets to watch, crashing waves to surf, beachcomb or just relax and enjoy! I´ve written about Adraga Beach in past posts.  It is truly spectacular.

colina Flora is only a  15 to 20 minute walk away from Almoçageme or a three minutes drive.  Colina  Flora is in the picutresque tiny hamlet of Pe da Serra (Foot of the Hills) 1.5 km above Almoçageme,  and has two wonderful special shops in restored wines cellars which are event center, vegetarian cooking venue, gallery, flower and local food shop, spa, artists studios,  and organic cafe in one.  A great place to visit, enjoy an organic hot chocolate or Smoothie and feast all your senses on what is offered.  And then venture down to the larger village.  Week-ends and Thursdays there are farmer´s markets with a  large selection of local produce, fresh breads, honey, jams and cheeses. 

Come visit and stay a while!! 



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