Rejoice/Replenish/Rejuvenate Yoga Retreats in Sintra Natural Park, Portugal

"Zi" Izilda Gallo afternoon meditation

Indulge yourself, nurture your spirit, body, mind, and awaken your positive energy , escape the dreary winter months  and come to Portugal, the secret gem of Europe for revitalizing yoga retreats.

Rejoice/Replenish/Rejuvenate Yoga Retreats at Colina Flora guesthouse , peacefully located in the heart of the awesome Sintra Natural Park, are a great way to re-engerize body/mind/spirit.   Participatants will rediscover their inner self, learn to destress, recharge, relax, laugh, breath fresh country/sea air, experience the unspoilt nature of the amazing Sintra Natural Park`s pristine beaches, magical forests, and historical sights, eat delicious and organic, fresh and locally sourced Food for Life breakfasts,  lunches and dinners , make new friends and leave with a new sense of awareness and wellbeing.  These retreats motivate and inspire participants to enjoy and live life more fully, gain vital insights and deal with stress more effectively.

These week-long retreats include 7 B&B, 6 lunches , 6 dinners (several at local restaurants), airport transport , 5 yoga/yoga nidra sessions  , 1 Tuina massage,  1 cosmetic rejuvenation facial acupuncture treatment, 2 de-stessing/sophrology sessions,  an afternoon sightseeing in Sintra, 1 nutrition counseling session, 2 morning beach walks and 1 night walk with introduction to the  magical lore of  the Sintra Natural Park, introduction to meditative knitting,  2 music/dance therapy sessions and  ample free time to enjoy the natural beauty of the Sintra Natural Park.  The Retreat costs  €895.- per person.

Minimum 4 people, Maximum 10

Shared double rooms.  Inquire about single room sur-charge.

Perfect for celebrating special occassions, group of friends get a way week etc.  inquire about group rates and for more information at

Retreat dates:

20 November – 27 November, 2011,

December 23 to January 2 ( A special Holiday Yoga retreat with Christmas/New Year celebrations, a Yankee Swap and more….the dates for this retreat are flexible…join or leave whenever it suits your schedule and price will be calculated accordingly …price for the entire 10 day retreat is €1175.-)

8 January – 15 Januray, 201

5 February – 12 February, 2012
Retreat Program (subject to change and individual needs):
Sunday: arrive, settle in, welcome tea, yoga session,getting to know you dinner, meditative/de-stressing  knitting
Monday: wake up tea, yoga, breakfast,  de-stressing session,lunch, energy  walk, therapies, dinner, meditative knitting
Tuesday: wake up tea, yoga, breakfast,  nutrition counceling, lunch, music/dance session, therapies, dinner, night hike
Wednesday: wakeup tea, yoga, breakfast, destressing session, luch, energy walk, therapies, dinner, meditative knitting
Thursday: wake up tea, yoga , breakfast, art class, lunch, music/dance session, therapies, dinner, night walk
Friday: wake-up tea, yoga, breakfast, destressing session, lunch, meditative  knitting/free time, therapies, dinner
Saturday: wake-up tea, yoga, breakfast, day in Sintra for sightseeing, dinner, meditative knitting.
Sunday: farewell breakfast, depart feeling revived and having made new friends!!
Dr. Izilda Gallo, acupunturist, yoga and yoga nidra teacher, trained with special degrees  in  de-stressing therapies and Sophrology is the retreat leader.  Izilda is Portuguese and has several degrees in Chinese Medicine and Sophrology, plus an MA degree in Social Studies.  She has traveled extensively and frequently participates in speical training seminars to expand her own horizons.  Izilda has a successful acupuncture office in Cascais where she also teaches yoga and yoga nidra.  Izilda is fluent in English, French and Spanish besides her native Portuguese .  She will be assisted during the retreat by several other experienced therapists.  Izilda embraces life, loves to laugh and dance (especially the tango), enjoys organic gardening and excells at teaching/sharing her expertise with others.  Adding to her studies in Chinese Medicine and Yoga, she has studied and recived a degree in Sophrolgy de-stressing techniques.  Sophrolgy is:

To reinforce positive action, in order to develop the positive elements of the present, the future and the past rather than focussing on the negative

To develop an objective reality, to learn how to see the things more as they are rather than how we think they are.

Specific techniques and exercises (specific sophronisations): practised especially in individual sessions, they are numerous and selected according to level, needs and relevance (concentration on an internal stimulus, positive projection in the future, the past…). (10 to 15 min.) , with immediate or short-term objectives.

Dynamic Relaxations : A term used to describe the exercises designed to promote relaxation and focus in everyday l

These  mental and physical exercises are based on the concept of dynamic relaxation (relaxation in movement) used in everyday life situations. Their benefits are claimed to

  • Lower stress levels
  • Improve sleep
  • Manage emotions
  • Improve concentration
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve relationship with yourself and others
  • Improve self-esteem and self confidence
  • Harmony in mind, body and soul

The practice is also said to lead to inner and outer awareness, leading to moments of “being as one, being in the flow, living in the now.”

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